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About  Emily



 Emily has an extensive background in the performing arts industry, in costume and event design, and in child development. Their passions in all of these areas have come together to create a business approach that prioritises a high quality and immersive artistic experience while remaining child-centred, with inclusivity and authenticity at the forefront of every endeavour.

Emily has been in the Character Events industry since 2012. Throughout their journey they have transitioned from performer to business owner and operator!

Through Enchanted Events, I always strive to create an atmosphere that is welcoming, safe, and inspiring. I believe people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds should feel seen, heard, and respected, and I recognise the responsibility and privilege of being entertainers and/or role-models at events and in our communities. Enchanted Events is always humbled to be a part of your special day whether that be a birthday party, a fundraiser, or a wedding! The possibilities really are endless. 

With all event activities, supplies and decor, I work every day towards settings my business apart from other companies by using sustainable and eco-friendly practices and products. From washing the costumes with all natural products, avoiding single use items, buying local whenever possible, to using natural and reusable materials, I am always looking at how I can do more to take care of this earth and honour this land. At the end of the day, our goal should be to create memories, not waste, don't you agree?

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